Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

The Property management is responsible for maintenance and repairs in Student housing. We ask that you send in a maintenance request through My pages. You can also send an email to umsjon(at)

  • Please include information about yourself such as; address, apartment number and telephone number so that they can contact you to find a suitable time.
  • You can also give them permission to enter the apartment/room when you are not at home.

If the matter is urgent we suggest you send in a request and follow up with a phone call, 570-0822, between 9-13 (9AM-1PM) weekdays.

If the matter is an emergency you can reach Property management outside of office hours at 853-1000.
The person that answers assesses the need for immediate action or if the matter can wait.

Every building in Oddagarðar has tools to repair bicycles in each bicycle storage.

If something is broken or damaged it shall be reported immediately. You can send in a repair requst through My pages or by calling the Property management, 570-0822 if the matter is urgent.

The resident is to pay for the work and materials of repairs and damages in the apartment/room and furniture except when the repair is part of general maintenance.

Front doors should always be locked.

If you lose a key, you can get a new one for a fee at the Property management office during opening hours.

At departure a fee is charged for all lost keys.

For emergency opening call a locksmith (Lásaþjónustan) 800-5858/ 894-5858. Those who need emergency opening must prove that they are the rightful residents of the apartment/room and cover the cost.