Icelandic Student Services

Students services - Here you can find an overview of all our services!

Student bookstore - Largest selection of books in Iceland!

The University canteens - Here you can have a look at Háma's menu for the week!

The Student cellar - Food, drinks and fun!

Student preschools - For students' children!

Student Housing residents

Housing benefits - Here you can apply for housing benefits

Housing benefits calculator - Here you can roughly calculate the amount of housing benefits you are eligible for

Waste pick-up calendar - Here you can see when Reykjavík City will pick up waste in your building. For further info contact

Registers Iceland - Here you can change your address or register a temporary student recidence

Post services - It is not enough to change your address with Registers Iceland for your mail to arrive to the correct address - change your address with the post services here!

Underground disposal system - recycling system in Vetrargarður, Hjónagarðar, Skerjagarðar and Mýrargarður

Welcome to the University of Iceland

Students interests

The University of Iceland - Here you can find information about staff, study programmes and everything UI has to offer.

Professional Council on sexual harassment and/or violence in UI - Students and staff can seek assistance from the Professional Council in instances of gender-related or sexual harassment and/or violence occur.

The Student Council of the University of Iceland - Protects students interests at the University of Iceland. Drop by their office on the 3rd floor of Háskólatorg!

The National Union for Icelandic Students - Protects students interests on a national level

Icelandic Student Loan Fund - A loan fund for university students

Café Lingua - A platform to activate the languages that have found their way to Iceland. A perfect opportunity for international students to meet other international students! 

Primary health care

Seltjarnarnes and Vesturbær - For residents on campus (Eggertsgata, Sæmundargata, Suðurgata, Gamli Garður)

Miðbær - For residents at Lindargata and Brautarholt

Efstaleiti - For residents at Skógarvegur

Læknavaktin - A medical service provider after office hours - open from 5PM-11:30PM

Looking for employment?

Tengslatorg - Are you looking for employment? Here you can find jobs that are specifically for students of the University of Iceland

Directorate of labour - Here you can look for jobs through the Directorate of labour

Alfreð - General job search

Stö - General job search

Looking for housing?

Housing anywhere - Here you can look for available housing in Iceland while you're still on the waitlist for student housing

Other useful information

Web Map of Reykjavík - A web map of Reykjavík City where you can find blueprints for most of the city's buildings

Strætó - Route map of the public transportation in Iceland

Student registration - Keeps a record of students studies and assists them with various matters, especially concerning admittance and registration

International Office - Helps you with international matters and exchange programmes