Allocation Rules

Allocation Rules

1. Eligibility for Student Housing

Student housing is exclusively reserved for students attending regular studies at the University of Iceland, showing normal progress in their studies and make a commitment to abide by the regulations and directives which apply to residents of student housing. Icelandic students are students who are Icelandic citizens. 


New students must be registered for full time study while current students need to have finished at least 20 credits the school year before/two last semesters, 10 per semester.


1.1 Icelandic students

In accordance with to these rules, one-person rooms/ apartments and couples apartments are assigned first to those students whose legal residence is outside the capital area. 1/4 studio apartments/rooms shall although be assigned to students whose legal residence is in the capital area. This rate should increase accordingly when more studio apartments will be built.


1.2 Foreign students

A limited number of foreign students, receiving grants from the Icelandic Ministry of Education, the Fulbright Association or the University of Iceland, shall have priority over other foreigners applying for student housing. This priority is limited to rooms in Gamli Garður and shared apartments. Other foreign students have the same priority as Icelandic students who have legal residence outside the capital area or according to the family size.

2. Period of lease
The leasing period: Hjóna- and Vetragarðar: 12th of August – 10th of August the following year, Sæmundargata 18-20, 14th of August – 12th of August the following year, Sæmundargata 14-16: 15th of August – 13th of August the following year, Skógargarðar: 17th of August – 15th of August the following year, Skuggagarðar: 21st of August – 19th of August the following year, Eggertsgata 24: 23rd of August – 21st of August the following year, Skerjagarðar: 25th of August – 23rd of August the following year, Skjólgarður: 27th of August - 25th of August the following year, Gamli Garður 29th of August - 26th of May the following year and Ásgarðar (except Eggertsgata 24): 31st of August – 29th of August the following year. 
The tenant and the landlord are bound by the terms of the contract until the end of the leasing period. The tenant can terminate the contract through my pages on our webpage ( with a three-month notice, from the next month counting (1st of the month).
Student housing can however accept a shorter notice due to exceptional circumstances, although never shorter than one month. 
Contracts in Gamli Garður can not be terminated by the tenant during the rent period but a contract can be made for different rental periods that last through the whole winter (29th of August-26th of May the following year) or for each term (29th of August to 31st of December/1st of January to 26th of May).


2.1 One person rooms / apartments, apartments for couples and families

Single students can apply for one-person rooms, one-person apartments, or housing shared with other single students.

Childless couples may apply together for couple’s apartments. See paragraph 7.2 for priorities.

Students with child/children can apply for family apartments in Ásgarðar, Hjónagarðar, Skógargarðar, Skuggagarðar and Vetrargarðar. The apartments are one and two bedroom apartments (2ja herb. =One bedroom, 3ja herb. = two bedrooms). There is only one 3 bedroom apartment (type 3-12) for bigger families, assignments to that apartment are made on special circumstances.


If expecting a child, applicant must show a proof of pregnancy within a week after the application is made.


Parent with joint custody, but the legal address of the child/children is with the other parent, can also apply for family apartment. Proof of joint custody must be shown. In special circumstances, Student housing can take into account child custody agreement, if such an agreements gives a accurate picture of the applicant´s family life.

For others, the registration in the National registry of Iceland is used when confirming the family size (foreign citizens can send documents from their home country – if applying before arriving in Iceland).


The family size and children’s age will be considered when apartments are assigned, both regarding priority and size of apartments. This does not apply when children of the applicants have reached the age of 18. They should not be listed on the application as there is no priority given because of them. Single parents and couples that both are full time students are higher prioritized over a couple where only one is a student.


2.2 Applications and waiting lists

Applications which have been approved are added to the appropriate waiting list in the order in which they are received and categorized by the office of Student Housing, see paragraph 7.

3. Applications

3.1 Period of application

Registered students at the University of Iceland can apply for Student housing any day of the year, around the clock, and the applications shall be lined up in the order in which they are received, see paragraph 7. New students for fall semester can not apply before the 1st of May the same year. New students for the spring term can apply as of 1st of September the fall before. All applications are received and approved with the reservation that the applicant will become a registered student at the University of Iceland.


3.2 Submission of applications

Applications for Student Housing may only be submitted electronically on the Student Housing homepage. By submitting an application, the applicant authorizes the office of Student Housing to obtain relevant information, as required on the application form, from The National Registry, and the University of Iceland. Each applicant can only send in one application. If wanting to change the application later, a new application must be made (for different apartments, different situation) but first the older one must be deleted.


3.3 Deadline

All interactions between the applicant and the Student Housing offices take place electronically, through the e-mail address registered in the application. Should the applicant want to comment on categorization of an application or the allocation process, a written complaint shall be submitted to the Appeals Committee for Student Housing within seven days after the application is approved or the allocation was sent out.


3.4 Rejected applications 

3.4.1 Incomplete information 

An application may be rejected if it is found incorrect or incomplete, or if the information there in is found to be false. Furthermore, an application shall be rejected if the applicant is not a student at the University of Iceland. cf. Article 1.


3.4.2 Incorrect information

If it is revealed, once the lease contract has been signed, that an application, or documents relating to it, contain false information, the allocation is void, and the tenant shall, in accordance with the request of the Student Housing offices, vacate the premises immediately after receiving written notice of cancellation, if he has moved in to an apartment / room.


3.4.3 The applicant owns a property

If it is revealed that the applicant is registered as a owner of a property in the capital area, proof of that it is on sale or sold must be shown (the capital area includes Reykjavík, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður, Mosfellsbær, Seltjarnarnes, Garðabær and Bessastaðahreppur). It is not allowed to assign housing to an applicant until the property is sold and proof of that has been delivered to Student housing. If it is revealed after the contract is signed, that the tenant owns a property in the capital area, the contract may be terminated. Applicant that is a owner of a property outside of the capital area is categorized in E. cf. article 7.


3.4.4 The applicant is in debt

Application is not accepted if the applicant owes rent for one month or more for his residence in student housings. The same applies if the applicant is in debt with the Icelandic Student Services (Félagsstofnun stúdenta) due to other matters. It is also allowed to refuse an application if the applicant has lived in Student housing before and contract was terminated due to lack of credits, debt or if the conditions of the contract were not otherwise fulfilled. Applications for a transfer to a larger apartment will be refused if tenant is in debt with the Icelandic Student Services. Same applies for applications for renewal of contract and new contracts.


3.4.5 Breach of regulations

If an applicant has been dismissed from Student Housing due to a breach of Student Housing regulations, the application shall be rejected.

If something illegal goes on in the apartment, by the tenant or by a guest of his, it can lead to a termination of lease and immediate vacation.

4. Application

4.1 Application confirmed

After an application has been approved, an applicant must confirm his/ hers application between the 1st and 5th of every month in order to remain on the waiting list. Applications that are not confirmed within those time limits are automatically deleted from the waiting list. New application must be made and it will gain status on the waiting lists according to the new application date.


4.2 The applicant obtains residence in Student Housing

If the applicant has been assigned to a housing he must confirm his acceptance within 48 hours from the allocation offer. If a confirmation has not been received within those limits, the allocation becomes void. Tenants that do not have a legal residence in Iceland pay insurance fee equivalent to one months rent or a minimum amount of 70.000 ISK, if the rent is lower. In addition the tenant must pay a cleaning fee, 10.000 ISK. The insurance fee is fully refundable at departure if all bills are paid and no damage has been made to the room/apartment. The insurance fee is refunded with indexation, without interest.

5. Lease Contracts

5.1 Signing a Lease Contract

If a student is allocated a room or an apartment, he shall sign a lease contract, which the Student Housing offices provides, where further provisions concerning the rights and the duties of a tenant of Student housing are stated. The signing of the contract shall take place within a week from the acceptance of allocation. The keys to the housing shall only be handed over to new tenants when they have submitted a signed lease contract. Most lease contracts are made for one year at a time, except for housing in Gamli Garður, where the contract applies to a nine-month period. In some cases a one term contract can be made with foreign students, those that are only in iceland for one semester. Contracts that are made after the contract period starts, are only made to the end of current rent period. If tenant requests an extra copy of the contract, a fee is charged according to the Student housing rate list.


5.2 Renewal

Application for re-allocation/renewal must be delivered to Student housing before the 20th of April each year. Forms are sent out electronically to the email address registered in for the tenant on their home area on They can be returned by email or filled out and returned to the office of Student housing.

If Student residing in Student housing is granted a re-allocation, they receive a confirmation by email. The contract is renewed electronically. To get re-allocation the tenant must fulfill all terms of the assignment rules. Applicant that owes rent for one month or more for his residence in student housings is not granted a renewal. The same applies if the applicant is in debt with the Icelandic Student Services (Félagsstofnun stúdenta) due to other matters. If the tenant does not pass the minimum credits the re-allocation is void as the terms of the assignment rules are not fulfilled. If both tenants in couple’s apartments are students, and therefore prioritized on waiting lists, they must pass minimum credits. If one of them attends another university/school, he/she has to hand in a report showing that he/she passed at least 2/3 of what that school considers a full study progress. See paragraph 9, normal studies.


5.3 Childless couples

Only childless couples can apply for a couple’s apartment, both parties shall be regarded as applicants, and both shall sign the lease contract.


5.4 Moving within Student Housing

If tenants wish to move from one apartment / room to another, the party concerned shall submit a new application, the Student Housing offices can accept the move against the payment of a moving fee according to the rate list of Student housing. However, childless couples expecting a child do not pay a moving fee for a family apartment. 

6. Delivery of housing

The personnel of the Property management shall deliver housing to the tenant on the first day of the lease period. It is permissible to postpone delivery for five days without deducting from the lease. The tenant shall be advised of the expected postponement of the delivery as soon as possible.


6.1. Return of housing

Tenant should always return the housing clean and tidy no later than at 10.00 on the given return date. If return is delayed a 3 day’s rent is charged for each day of the delay. 6.2. Termination and changes in prerequisites In circumstances that call for cancellation on behalf of the landlord, there is no termination period and the tenant shall vacate the premises after receiving a written notice.  If the tenant drops out of school, the tenant is obligated to vacate within 30 days of the written notice of evacuation. The same applies if the tenant comes to owning housing in the capital area.

7. Priorities

Applications for residence in student housing shall be lined up in accordance with priority ruled by the regulations listed below except ¼ of apartments that go to students with legal residence in the capital area according to paragraph 1.1. If an applicant has terminated his former allocation, he is not granted priority, and his application shall be treated as a new one. If legal address was moved from the capital area in the last 12 months before the application is made, a proof of former legal residence shall be shown to confirm that the stay in the capital area was only for a short time and the previous legal address was outside the capital area. If former residency in capital area exceeds 12 months, it is considered permanent.

7.1 One-person rooms / apartments
Applications for one-person rooms / apartments shall be categorized as follows:

  • Priority A. Current residents who fulfill general requirements for allocation.
  • Priority B. Foreign students to which paragraph 1.2 applies.
  • Priority C. Applicants whose legal residence is outside the capital area, paragraph 1.1, including foreign students to which sub-section B does not apply.
  • Priority D. Applicants whose legal and actual residence is within the capital area.
  • Priority E. Applicants that own housing outside of Reykjavík

7.2 Couples apartments
Applicants for couple’s apartments must be childless, and both shall be students at the University of Iceland (see exception in sub-section E, EE, E3 and T). Their applications shall be categorized as follows:

  • Priority A. Current residents who fulfill general requirements for allocation.
  • Priority B. Foreign students to which according to 1.2 paragraph apply.
  • Priority C. Applicants whose legal residence is outside the capital area, paragraph 1.1.
  • Priority D. Applicants whose legal and actual residence is within the capital area.
  • Priority E. Couples where one individual studies at the University of Iceland and the other at another Icelandic university (confirmation of registration must be handed in) / Applicants that own housing outside of the capital area.
  • Priority EE. Couples where one individual studies at the University of Iceland and the other at a high school or a similar lower education (confirmation of registration must be handed in).
  • Priority E3. Couples where one individual studies at the University of Iceland and the other is not in school
  • Priority T. Application for transfer from a student who resides in Student housing and is a student at the University of Iceland but the spouse is a full time student in an Icelandic university. If spouse is not a student at the University of Iceland they must show a proof of registration from his university within a week after the application is made. 

7.3 Family apartments
 Applications for apartments shall be categorized as follows:

  • Priority A. Current residents who fulfill general requirements for allocation.
  • Priority B. Foreign students to which according to paragraph 1.2 applies.
  • Priority C. Couples, full time students/ Single parent with two or more children.
  • Priority CC. Couples, full time students/Single parent with one child.
  • Priority C3. Couples, full time students with 2 or more children. Applicant student at UI, the spouse in another university in Iceland.
  • Priority C4. Couples, full time students with 1 child. Applicant student at UI, the spouse in another university in Iceland.
  • Priority D. Couples/ Single parents with two ore more children.
  • Priority DD. Couples/ Single parents with one child.
  • Priority E. Couples/single parents that own housing outside of Reykjavík.

Other applications shall be rejected.

7.4 Transfer between categories
The Appeals Committee (paragraph 11) can transfer applicants between categories if it is demonstrated that the applicant is subject to adverse social conditions. A written request to this effect shall be sent to as the application is made. Documents to explain and confirm the conditions shall be sent or delivered to the office of Student Housing.

7.5 Order of applicants within categories
7.5.1 One-person rooms / apartments
50% of all available housing to be allocated in the autumn is allocated to new students, and 50% to students who are not first-year students.

7.5.2 Couples apartments
40% of all available housing to be allocated in the autumn is allocated to new students, and 60% to students who are not first-year students.

7.5.3 Family apartments
30% of all available housing to be allocated in the autumn is allocated to new students, and 70% to students who are not first-year students. Families with two children or more, have priority to three-room apartments. Families with a child at school age have priority over families with younger children when it comes to assigning of 3 room apartments.

7.6 Change of circumstance If special changes occur in the circumstances of Student Housing residents between allocations, such as separation or pregnancy, the personnel of Student Housing can grant them priority to transfer to another type of housing (one-person apartment / room, couples apartment, family apartment) in accordance with the allocation rules.

8. Waiting lists

Applicants who are not allocated housing will be placed on a waiting list. The applicant on top of the waiting list has priority to housing that becomes available. However, the Appeals Committee may change the order on the waiting list, or put a new applicant on a waiting list, if specific social circumstances justify such exceptions. Applications for transfer between apartments during the lease period are placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are received, and the first application for transfer is assigned the number 5 on the waiting list, and thereafter every fifth number. When applicants decline an offer for housing for the third time, the application is disabled and they must apply again.

8.1 Following waiting lists are made:

  • For one-person rooms in Gamli-Garður (priority for grant holders according to paragraph 1.2) 
  • For one-person rooms in Ásgarðar (shared apartments, two tenants per apartment)
  • For one-person rooms in Oddagarðar 14 and 16 (shared facilities)
  • For one-person apartments in Ásgarðar, Oddagarðar and Skerjagarður
  • For one-person apartments in Skuggagarðar, central area
  • For couples apartments in Ásgarðar, Oddagarðar, Skjólgarður
  • For two-room apartments in Hjónagarðar, Vetrargarðar and Skógargarðar
  • For three-room apartments in Hjónagarðar, Vetrargarðar, Ásgarðar and Skógargarðar 
  • For four-room apartment in Vetrargarðar

8.2 Priorities on waiting lists
When making waiting lists, the same priorities apply as when allocating rooms, see paragraph 7. If the applicant does not wish to be placed on a waiting list, or is removed from a waiting list for other reasons, those listed below move up one place on the list.

8.3 Applicants from the capital area
Applicants from the capital area who apply for singles apartments fall into category D, according to paragraph 7.2. They therefore move down the list as new applications are approved in categories A, B and C. Their status within their group doesn’t change as they are assigned to a certain proportion of the singles apartments.

9. Normal progress of studies

The progress of studies is considered normal if the applicant has, on each year that he has been allocated housing, completed at least 40 ECTS, or 2/3 of the studies which are considered one-year studies by the faculty in question, there of at least 18 credits in fall semester. When housing is reallocated, tenant can obtain a temporary allocation, in case he has not finished the minimum credits but is registered to finish them during the summer semester autumn. If a tenant doesn’t complete enough credits, the contract will be terminated and tenant shall vacate the premises no later than on the date notified, according to paragraph 6.2.

9.1 Exemptions from requirements to study progress
Exemptions can only be given once, no matter if it is due to illness, study progress or numerous clausus.

9.1.1 Numerus Clausus
A tenant who is directly subjected to numerus clausus is considered to have shown normal progress in his studies if he fulfills the conditions of paragraph 9. However, an exemption due to numerus clausus can only be granted once.

9.2 A year of studies repeated
If a tenant attends a faculty where there is a clear division between years of study, and he has to re-attend the same year, the study progress can be considered normal if he has, on average, completed 2/3 of full studies until then. However, this exemption can only be granted once. 

10. Maximum length of residence 

The maximum length of residence shall be the same time as the study should take, based of full study progress.

  • 3 years: BA/BS studies (180ECTS)
  • 4 years: BS (240 ECTS)
  • 5 years: 3 years BA/BS/B.Ed + 2 years MA/MS/M.Ed studies
  • 6 years: 4 years for BS (240 ECTS) + 2 years MS
  • 6 years for doctor (medical)
  • Doctoral studies, 180 ects: 3 years
  • Doctoral studies, 240 ects: 4 years

Re-registration for studies does not extend the maximum period of residence completed during former studies. Maximum stay is based on one BA/BS study and one advanced degree.

Doctorate students who have lived in Student housing during their BA/BS and MA/MS studies have therefore completed their maximum stay of residence.

Family/couples apartments; each individual can not get a full stay for their studies. Their stay in Student housing counts although the spouse was registered for the apartment at some time.

Residence is not extended beyond maximum stay except under very special circumstances, such as serious illness and only during the course of studies. The Appeals committee treats all requests for extension beyond maximum stay. If a student wishes to extend his or her contract beyond maximum stay of residence due to maternity/paternity leave taken earlier in the study time, he/she needs to send in an exemption request which is assessed by the Appeals committee. Take notice that such an exemption can only be granted once and for one semester, and only for one of the parents. See further article 12. All requests should be sent to the committee with at least a 3 months notice.

10.1 Graduation
Tenants who graduate in June can stay to the end of their current contract. Those who graduate in February can stay to the end of May and those who graduate in October can stay until the end of the year.

11. Subletting

Subleasing rooms and apartments in Student housing is forbidden, whether it is for payment or not. Only those mentioned in the application and in the housing contract have recidencial rights to specific housing, long or short term.


11.1 Exchange Students

Exchange students can apply for an exemption in regards to subleasing, if the students do not share housing with other students, i.e shared apartments or shared kitchen facilities.

The resident shall submit a request to Student housing,  to sublet to another student at the University of Iceland. The resident shall also indicate whether the student exchange is for one or two semesters, never longer than two semesters. The resident must still fulfill the credit conditions during the exchange.

12. The Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee is composed by three representatives, one from the Student Housing office, one from the Student Council of the University of Iceland, and one from the University Counselling and Career Centre. The Committee shall arbitrate all disputes which may arise from applications and allocations, and the Committees decisions are final.

13. Confidentiality

All applications and related information shall be treated as confidential, the members of the Committee and staff of Student Housing are bound by confidentiality.

14. Revision of the allocation regulations

The allocation rules are set by the board of the Student Service Centre. All changes must be revised and approved the board.


15.Applicant data and information

Applicants authorize Student housing to verify information provided and to store the information they provide, the information generated in communication and the information that is created in the residence.