Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar

New students, a new building, friends living together!

New students: 1st of June
On June 1, applications for new students will be opened. Hundreds of applications are expected just in the first few hours, usually more than 1,000 people apply for the fall.

A new building, friends living together!
Construction of a new student housing building is now underway on the campus, at Sæmundargata 21. The building is in the Science Park area. It is the largest that has been built, a house of 14,700 square meters on five floors with 244 rental units for almost 300 inhabitants. The house will include a new residential form, a 10-room apartment cluster with shared space. In addition, large common facilities for all residents of the house will be centrally located on the site. The new Student housing building will open in the beginning of 2020, but applications will be accepted as of June 1. For the first time, friends will be able to apply to share housing. 

In order to apply for such type, the person applies for a room with shared facilities and uses the comment box to insert names of 1-2 friends. The same friends do exactly the same. We already have rooms w. shared facilities in other two building so those who apply now for this type still have a possibility to get allocated in those this fall.

In recent years, Icelandic student services has placed increased emphasis on shared spaces, but in addition, common facilities have been improved in older buildings as well. The purpose is to encourage communication and bring residents closer together and work against social isolation.
 New students can apply from June 1st each year and older students all year round.

Student Housing

The Student Housing community is lively and entertaining for the tenants and their families. The housing comes in all shapes and sizes and is tailored for the tenants needs. We emphasize effective use of space, efficiency, sharing and fellowship to make sure the tenants relations are pleasent.
Most of our Student Housing is situated at the University area but we also have housing in Fossvogur, right above Hlemmur bus station and at Lindargata. When the location for Student Housing is decided we emphasize that the housing is near the University of Iceland, that our tenants can walk or bike there or they can reach a bus station nearby. We stress that our shared facilities are cosy and diverting so tenants can get to know each other, meet up and enjoy themselves.
Students registered at the University of Iceland can apply for Student Housing all year round but students starting school next fall semester can apply from the 1st of June.