Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar

Summer of 2017!

Each semester the Student Housing office reviews each residents credit matters but like the allocation rules state our residents need to finish at least 20 credits each semester.
We do this to guarantee fairness, that students studying full time can enjoy our housing. Our purpose is of course to offer students registered at the University of Iceland fairly priced and nicely situated housing.

When the spring semester exams are finished the makeup examinations start and last until the 23rd of May. Teachers then have some time to review students exams and assignments. That‘s why the credit matters won‘t be available until the summer. That‘s when we go full force! We‘ll talk to all our residents to ascertain who gets their contract renewed and who needs to return their housing in August. This can take some time but at last we‘ll know how many apartments and rooms we can allocate to those on the waiting list.

For that reason we want to remind our newest students, the ones starting next fall, that soon you can apply for Student Housing. 1st of June is the day! Students already registered can apply all year round. We review applications received in May in June (students already registered), June applications in July and so forth.

Enjoy your summer holiday!

New students and new student housing!

Students starting at the University of Iceland in fall 2016 can apply for Student housing as of June 1st, that is after midnight May 31st. When applying they must remember to check in the box „New student“ which appears on June 1st at 00.01.
Those who are presently students at the University of Iceland can apply all year round.
In November our new student housing in Brautarholt is ready. The new housing consist of 102 units, 32 couples apartments and 70 studio apartments. Brautarholt is in the city center, just above Hlemmur bus station.These apartments will be added to our list of options as studios downtown and couples apartments.
We will start allocating housing for the fall in July and finish late august. Subsequently we start allocating the new apartments in Brautarholt.
Soon we will call for suggestions for a name for our new student housing in Brautarholt with great prices for the winning suggestion. Follow us on facebook for more information on that later!