Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar

New students and new student housing!

Students starting at the University of Iceland in fall 2016 can apply for Student housing as of June 1st, that is after midnight May 31st. When applying they must remember to check in the box „New student“ which appears on June 1st at 00.01.
Those who are presently students at the University of Iceland can apply all year round.
In November our new student housing in Brautarholt is ready. The new housing consist of 102 units, 32 couples apartments and 70 studio apartments. Brautarholt is in the city center, just above Hlemmur bus station.These apartments will be added to our list of options as studios downtown and couples apartments.
We will start allocating housing for the fall in July and finish late august. Subsequently we start allocating the new apartments in Brautarholt.
Soon we will call for suggestions for a name for our new student housing in Brautarholt with great prices for the winning suggestion. Follow us on facebook for more information on that later!

Student housing emergency number

Securitas, security company, provides emergency service for residents at Student Housing through an emergency number. The number is 853-1000. It is in use when the Student Housing offices are closed. The Property Management office is open weekdays from 9 to 13 and the Student Housing office from 9 - 16.

Securitas evaluates whether it is crucial do deal with the insident immediately or if it can wait until office hours. In real emergency situations residents should always call 112. We encourage those in need of psychological support to contact the Red Cross Helpline. Their number is 1717 and open around the clock for those in need. The University Student Counselling Centre also provides students with support. Their office is open weekdays from 9 - 12 and 13 - 16, their number is 525-4315.