Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar

Student housing emergency number

Securitas, security company, provides emergency service for residents at Student Housing through an emergency number. The number is 853-1000. It is in use when the Student Housing offices are closed. The Property Management office is open weekdays from 9 to 13 and the Student Housing office from 9 - 16.

Securitas evaluates whether it is crucial do deal with the insident immediately or if it can wait until office hours. In real emergency situations residents should always call 112. We encourage those in need of psychological support to contact the Red Cross Helpline. Their number is 1717 and open around the clock for those in need. The University Student Counselling Centre also provides students with support. Their office is open weekdays from 9 - 12 and 13 - 16, their number is 525-4315. 

Increased rental base: September 1st

The rental base at Student Housing will increase by 5.3% on September 1st. The rental base has not been increased for three years. The increase is due to higher operating costs, especially property tax which has increased considerably in recent years and is collected by the city of Reykjavík. 
Prices for rooms/apartments with accessibility for disabled in Oddagarðar will also change. As these rooms/apartments are bigger, price for non disabled living there has been higher but disabled have paid the same amount as residents in regular size rooms. As of September 1st, the price will be the same for all rooms/apartments whether residents are disabled or not.